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Through Just a Cookk I am trying to promote cuisine from around the world. I will try to make all the recipe as easy as possible and also give out some Restaurant Secrets so that you make some really delicious food!

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Kolkata Kathi Roll Recipe
Let's get started with some Tasty Kolkata Kathi Roll Recipe! Kolkata Kathi Roll is street food, it originated in Kolkata …
Samosa Recipe
Let's talk about Samosa Recipe and how it came to India! You have to agree that we all love samosa. …
Makhani Pasta Recipe
Let us get started with this very exciting recipe for some Makhani pasta! Makhani pasta, I think it is definitely …
Chicken Shawarma
Let us get started with some easy Chicken Shawarma recipe! Before coming to Hyderabad I did not really like shawarma …
6 Easy Ways to Make Meat Tender
Let us get started with some very easy techniques to make any kind of meat tender and juicy! Before we …
Pita Bread
Let us get started with some Pita Bread Recipe! Pita Bread is one of my favourite bread when it comes …

something vegetarian

In recent times I have discovered how amazing vegetarian food can be. There is something very peaceful about a humble bowl of Rice with sambar! So here are some vegetarian recipes for everyone.

About Me!

Suraj Ghosh

Hey! I am Suraj Ghosh, an amateur chef! Amateur because I am still undergoing my training. I am behind Just a Cookk, through this website, I am trying to promote the different cuisines from around the world. My first priority is to always come up with really simple & tasty restaurant-style recipes for you.
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for the meat lovers

This section is for all the meat lovers out there, you will find all kind of Non-Vegetarian Recipes in this section. Starting from Seafood, White meat and Red Meat!

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