14 Must-Have Kitchen Tools

14 must have kitchen tools
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Let us gets started with these 14 Must-Have Kitchen Tools list!

I wanted this blog to cover everything related to cooking. Yet till now, I have just covered the recipes, From today we start covering more things on this blog! And I think starting with the essential tools that we highly require in a kitchen is the best way to start! So let us jump into these 14 Must-Have Kitchen Tools.


Before we start with the list I want you to know that I have linked all the products and if you buy these products from the links given below. I will earn a small commission from Amazon.com.
All the products I have listed below are the ones I personally use and trust. So, do not hesitate about the quality.

14 Must-Have Kitchen Tools - knife
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1. Chefs Knives

I have given this particular item the topmost priority because you cannot work without this in the kitchen.

Moreover, you cannot even start the process of cooking without a knife. All the preparation that is your cutting, chopping, dicing and so on is done with the knives.

I can keep on going about how important they are but I’m pretty sure you already do have a basic idea.

There are a lot of knives out there, starting from Japanese chefs knife to a French chef knife, maybe a salad knife, a paring knife, a carving knife, a bread knife, and so on. 

But you only need three knives in your kitchen and that should be more than enough. 

First is a Chefs knife and that is the most important knife of all the three. 

The second Knife would be a carving knife which is basically a small knife used to cut fruits and vegetables or carve them. It also helps you out with all the delicate cutting work.

And the third knife is a little debatable. Some people say it should be a bread knife and some say it should be a salad knife

Let me just clear this for you, if you bake more go for the bread knife and if you cook more go for the salad knife. 

Click here to get the knives that I have been using. I started with this knife set and I am more than satisfied to be very honest and it has been 3 years and they still work amazing.

Also, if you’re really looking forward to starting cooking seriously got for this knife set! It has everything and is very inexpensive too. Plus it comes with a sharpening rod.

sharpening rod
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2. Sharpening Stone

Now the 2nd tool out of the 14 Must-Have Kitchen Tools is a necessity if you own a knife. Now I am assuming you already have your favourite knife that just fits your requirements. But you need to maintain it and make sure that your favourite knife lasts very long.

The knives that I have listed above along with the links are very robust and I myself use them so I highly recommend you to buy them because they have been working really amazing for me for the past three years and its worth every penny.

But for the last three years, a sharpening stone has maintained them, has maintained that sharpness and that is why they are still functioning well.

A lot of people would recommend you to buy the quick sharpness for your knife. Do not do that mistake. Because in the long run, they damage your knife.

So you either go for a sharpening stone or a sharpening rod.

I personally use both of them and they work the best as a pair. The stone basically can be used once a week or twice a week if you are cooking a lot. But remember the stone basically cuts down on the metal from your knife. So you don’t want to use it continuously and every day. 

I shapen my knives once a week and use the rod every time I am using a knife quickly.

14 Must-Have Kitchen Tools - cutting board
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3. Cutting Board

So the top three things that I have listed are basically essentials that go with each other.

You cannot use a knife without the stone or chopping board.

There is nothing much to tell here. But you can either go for a wooden chopping board or a plastic one.

Now I personally prefer wooden, but it has a major flaw if you do not get good quality wood. Bits and pieces of the food might go into your food after a certain period of usage.

Other than that wooden chopping boards are better in every aspect so just get a good quality chopping board and it will easily last you a decade.

immersion blender
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4. Immersion or Hand Blender

The 4th item is one of my favourites out of the 14 Must-Have Kitchen Tools. Now I know that you can probably do the same things with the normal blender. But the flexibility you get from an immersion blender is just unbeatable.

I got this Philips immersion blender which is very inexpensive and it’s been I guess 2 years I have been using it. It still works amazing and I can’t tell you how easy life gets with a hand blender in the kitchen.

14 Must-Have Kitchen Tools - instant pot
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5. Pressure Cooker or Instant Pot

Pressure Cookers are not very trendy these days and Instant Pots are replacing them big time. Although whichever you go for will help you a lot in the kitchen. I have an instant pot at my home which is generally just used to steam some rice, but whenever I make moms or dim sums I use that instant pot to steam them. Boiling some potatoes are so quick and easy in an instant pot.

Also if you are a person who makes a lot of curries and sauces then this particular essential is very useful to you. And te best part is that you do not make a lot of mess in your kitchen.

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6. Thermometer

The 6th tool out of the 14 Must-Have Kitchen Tools is all about how precise you want to be. I just can’t tell you how important and a necessity thermometer is for your day to day cooking. 

Have you ever come across a situation where you want to Deep fry something and you just realised that the oil was either too hot or not hot enough. 

Or maybe a situation where you want to check the internal temperature of the meat to see if it’s cooked properly or not but you can’t.

Because you don’t have this handy tool in your kitchen.

Guys, it is very inexpensive and hardly costs you a couple of dollars. Just buy one of these and trust me you will be able to deep fry your snacks much better than before.

It is also very useful very people who bake a lot and also while making a caramel sauce maybe. You do not want a bitter taste in your caramel so checking the temperature becomes really important and you can use a candy thermometer of that.

14 Must-Have Kitchen Tools - microplane
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7. Microplane

It is very small equipment but it is very handy. Although unlike other tolls on this list it is a little expensive if you go for a premium quality Microplane.

Here is the one I use and it is not so expensive, unlike other micro planes. Click here to but it.

It is one of those tools when you quickly wanna add some garlic but you do not have the time to chop it finely so you just grate it with the Microplane. And it is much better than regular graters because it gives you fine results. Like you can’t really extract lemon zest in a regular grater.

And that is where this comes handy.

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8. Whisk

So the 8th item out of the 14 Must-Have Kitchen Tools is a whisk! I am pretty sure you already have ones these and some people just have a collection like me. So you do not really worry about this being not in your kitchen.

But you cannot imagine working in a kitchen without this. It is a necessity for baking but comes very handy in the hot kitchen as well.

Now I mainly use a balloon whisk which is the regular one. There are various other types too but you do not really need all of them and just the balloon whisk is enough.

I have a set of 3 whisks and I just love this set of whisks personally. Especially the tiny one and I use that one mostly as well. Click here to get them!

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9. Silicone Spatula

I have a dozen of them and various sizes and they are 10 times better than wooden spatulas. They are better because they are very very flexible and you can do everything except for scrapping the pan.

Which I don’t think you really need to do until and unless you stick your food in the pan. Which is again very rare due to non-stick pans these days.

As I already said I have a dozen of them but you do not really need a lot of them. I personally love a set of three spatulas for various situations. So click here to get them. I have been using them for a long time now and I just love them for being so handy.

Trust me on this guys. Get them and you won’t regret it. Although one little piece of advice, NEVER get silicone spatula with plastic handles. Whenever you leave them in a hot pan while cooking the handle starts to melt.

14 Must-Have Kitchen Tools - tongs
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10. Tongs

The 10th tool out of the 14 Must-Have Kitchen Tools is super handy. These are basic and extension to your hands and the amount of flexibility they provide.

I would highly recommend you to go for a silicone tong since it is much better and durable.

Tongs give you that extra control when things get hot and you cannot do it with a spatula. The best example would be grilling or searing meats and vegetables.

And for Indians making chapatis is a day to day job so why not make it easier with this handy tool.

non-stick pan
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11. Non-Stick Pan

It is no hidden truth that you can not work in a kitchen without a non-stick pan. It is a fairly new invention and did not exist a couple of decades back.

From the moment they came into existence they have replaced every other pan out there. Because they save you a ton of oil in the long run, never sticks to your food, which makes you happy at the end of the day.

With a castiron pan, you have to do a lot to maintain it and make it somewhat non-stick. But with a non-stick pan, you just have to make sure you do not use a metal spatula when it is hot otherwise you might end up removing the non-stick coating.

Click here to buy the pan I personally use!

box grater
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12. Box Grater

So the 12th item on the 14 Must-Have Kitchen Tools list is very common. I am pretty sure you might be having one of these already in your kitchen. Because it is an absolute essential for a kitchen.

Especially in an Indian kitchen where we all make Gajar ka Halwa, and for that wee need to grate a lot of carrots and this grater works amazing.

Also, I personally use a box grater for grating cheese a lot and I am pretty sure you do the same.

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13. Mandoline

Mandoline is a tool that everyone needs but don’t really own one. Let it be salads or you wanna make some quick potato chips.

You need to slice it very thin and if you are a beginner you won’t be able to do the same with a knife with the same amount of efficiency.

And to be very honest I don’t even prefer using a knife for that, because even slices are very important and no matter how experienced you are you will end up slicing unevenly after a point of time.

I personally love using a Mandoline and click here to buy one. This one is my all-time favourite and it is from IKEA. So you don’t need to worry about the quality at all.

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14. Saucepan

This is the last thing on my list but it is a tool that will save you every time from burning food. But do make sure that you have a saucepan that has a thick bottom.

This thick bottom saucepan will take you a long way when it some to making soups, sauces and curries and sometimes desserts too. A thick Bottom saucepan makes sure that you do not end up burning your food even though you do not stir it all the time.

Whenever I use a thick bottom saucepan I feel a little more confident about the whole process and trust you will feel the same after you start using it. Click here to buy the one I use and that brings us to end of this 14 Must-Have Kitchen Tools list.

Bonus Tool!

Since you have scrolled this far I think you deserve to know my favourite tool. That I trust more than anything in the above list except for my knives! It is a CASTIRON PAN!

castiron pan
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This will be your grill if you don’t have one, it can be your baking tray for your meats and pies, it can be your saucepan if you don’t have one, it can make your sauces, it can make your curries and gravies, you can do anything with this castiron pan that you can even imagine.

And it will last you a lifetime if you maintain it. At times if you season it properly it will outrun a non-stick pan in no time.

I can go on and on about a cast iron pan but all I can say is get yourself one and you will thank me later! Click here to buy the one I use.

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